Jan on the Issues

Support local public education.

Jan Kessinger Reading to Second Grade Students at School

Jan Kessinger views education as the foundation of economic growth and an investment in this generation and generations to come. Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley schools are recognized nationally for their excellence and commitment to students – the future of our community. Top-quality public schools are a great magnet for economic growth in the area. Jan supports local control and funding for these schools and their programs and believes cuts in education should be off the table.

Balance Kansas tax burden and funding

Budgeting - Balancing Receipts and Expenditures

Kansas tax changes in recent years have resulted in a tax revenue shortage that is made up for by the transfer of highway funds and the largest tax increase in Kansas history. Jan calls for a restructuring and balancing of the tax burden for all. With the tax policies and therefore revenues rebalanced the state can continue to invest in roads and public safety while creating new jobs instead of diverting money away from important investments. Fiscal responsibility must be a priority to restore economic strength to the state.

Let local governments run our communities

Jan Supports Letting Local Governments Govern Locally

The legislature continues to overstep its responsibilities and over-regulates our local city and county governments. We in Johnson County elect local officials who have a track record of providing a high quality of life in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. Our local officials have been recognized nationally for the job they do and we do not need Topeka interfering. The same legislators who complain about federal intrusion in state matters are doing the same thing to our local governments. Leawood and Overland Park have much to be proud of and it has come from local control. Jan supports letting local governments govern locally.